over 20 years' experience in Water system renovations and earthworks

Rantalatimber Oy provides a wide range of construction services including dredging, earthworks, excavations, and shore construction.


We began our operations well over 20 years ago in 1996. Excavations on land and in water with long-reach excavators are our speciality, and we have served private individuals, companies, and local authorities both in southern Finland and elsewhere. We are also involved in industrial construction projects, such as building, renovating, and maintaining process basins. With our collaborators, you can rely on us to ensure even the most challenging projects are completed without fuss. You can get in touch with us by phone or by filling in the contact form on our contact page. Get in touch with us today to get a quote for your project or to find out more about our services!

Environmentally-conscious dredging and earthworks

Sustainable development is a cornerstone of our operations. We have delved into environmental conservation and strive to burden the environment as little as possible in our work. When working on earthworks or dredging in water, we ensure that the machines we use are ecological and recyclable.

maansiirtoa ja maisemointia

Jetties, landscaping, and ground substance removals

Our special areas are challenging, bespoke projects. 


Specialist earthworks and water works demand exactly the kind of specialist skills we have worked on mastering for years.

maanrakennuksen urakat

contract work

Our contract work includes:

  • Garden construction, terrace structures and green work
  • Pile-driving such as steel and wood piles, building foundations
  • Permanent dock and jetty structures, bridges
  • Shore construction, small boat harbours
  • Mass replacement and pollution removal
  • Construction of ramps
  • Landscaping
  • Excavations
  • Building foundations and demolition
ranta-alueen ja vesistön kunnostukset


We offer the folloing dredging services:

  • Dredging
  • Renovation of water systems
  • Underwater excavations
  • Shore embankments and beach areas
  • Groundwater protection
  • Water and sludge clarification
  • Barge transportation
maa- ja vesirakentamisen erikoistyöt

satisfaction guaranteed with Our expertise and equipment

Over the years, we have seen many earth- and water works projects through all across southern Finland. Have a look at our references! Our long-reach excavators allow us to perform tasks which many would not even be able to start!

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Have a Look at some of our projects

We are thorough in all our earth- and water works projects from inception to completion.


Have a peek at our photo gallery to see some of the projects we have worked on!

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We buy and sell work equipment

Our expansive range of services incluides the purchase and retail of of equipment for earth- and water works.


Ask us about equipment from our projects!

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