Contracting for waterworks, demolition, gardens, and shore construction

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Rantalatimber Oy offers a diverse array of earth- and water works contract services nationwide. We carry out civil engineering and beach construction (such as building jetties) for private and business customers as well as for authorities and societies. We make use of long-reach excavators in our work, meaning we can take care of even the most challenging projects. We also co-operate with both large and small operators. Whether demolishing a building, building a terrace, pile-driving, or constructing a jetty, our expertise will get the job done!

Our contracting services

maa-alueen rakennustyöt

contract work on land

  • Demolition
  • Laying building foundations (incl. concrete)
  • Garden construction and landscaping
  • Terraces
  • Pile-driving (e.g. foundation work)
  • Mass replacement & pollution removal
  • Excavations
  • Ground substance removal and transportation
vesialueiden rakennustyöt

Contract work in water

  • Fixed dock structures
  • Bridge building
  • Pile-driving (e.g. steel or wood jetties)
  • Shore embankments and renovation of beaches
  • Shore construction for industrial areas, e.g. process basins and fish ponds
  • Water system renovation
  • Excavations below water
  • Other water works
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