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Rantalatimber Oy carries out dredging and contract projects for private and business clients as well as for organisations using our quality equipment. We have seen many diverse projects through both at home in Hollola and elsewhere in Finland, and our plentiful clientele have relied on our know-how for all kinds of landscaping and water works. Have a look at some of our references here as well as the equipment we use!

References & Equipment


  • Road Administration (dredging of irrigation basin, shaping of slopes, installation of noise barriers, mass replacement etc.)
  • YIT (quarry loading, embankment demolition, dredging, slope shaping)
  • Defence Forces (Overhaul of dikes at Nokka depot)
  • Refuse transportation (Heinola housing fair area; demolition of buildings at Mallasjuoma)
  • Hartola county (dredging of holiday home fair area, excavation of pressurised water trunk line and household supply lines)
  • Lahti town (dredging of beaches, forming the junior ski jump, improvements of water-fowl habitats, construction of comb wetland)
  • Hollola county (improvement of beaches)
  • Tieluiska, Hyvinkää (lifting peat, ramp formation of the Lahti-Kerava road)
  • UPM (eri tehtaiden erinäisiä ruoppauksia ja pihojen kunnostuksia)
  • Pirkanmaa Ympäristökeskus (improvement of lakes and beaches)
  • Lemminkäinen Oyj (ramp building)
  • Helsinki city council, Tieluiska Hyvinkää (removal of pollution)
  • Hartola, Destia (improvement of Tainionvirta kunnostus, machine works)
  • Riistakeskus (formation of wetlands)
  • Hämeen ELY-keskus (repairs to Korvenoja dam and fish sluice)
  • Sysmä county (dredging and earthworks at Suopelto harbour)
  • Padasjoki (Vähä-Kellosalmi bridge construction)
  • Vääksy (refurbishment of Venäjänniemi private road bridge)
  • Heinola (construction of Lintula bridge)

In addition to these, we have also carried out many prtojects demanding specialist skills and equipment as sub-contractors for other companies, e.g. Hartela, NCC, YIT, Skanska, Destia, Vapo.

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  • Doosan DX 380 SLR long-reach (approx. 20 m) working weight approx. 46t 3D machine control
  • Doosan DX 300 SLR long-reach (approx. 23 m) working weight approx 40t
  • Doosan DX 300 SLR long reach (approx. 21 m) working weight approx 38t
  • Doosan DX 300 SLR long-reach (approx. 18 m) working weight approx 32t 3D machine control
  • Doosan DX 300 SLR long-reach (approx. 18m) working weight approx 32t
  • Komatsu PC 240 SLR long-reach (approx. 18 m) working weight approx 30t 3D machine control
  • Doosan 225 Waterking roller pontoon dredger with 16m boom 3D machine control
  • Doosan DX 380 LC tracked excavator working weight 40t
  • Doosan DX 300 LC working weight approx. 30t
  • Kobelco 210 tracked excavator working weight 21t
  • Yanmar VIO 45 rubber tracked excavator
  • Komatsu 110 R revolving rubber roller dump truck working weight 16 t
  • Volvo A25E dump truck with 750  tyres upper tailboard and permanent distribution
  • Cat 6 LC bulldozer with 910 mm tracks, working weight approx 23 t
  • Volvo 440 8x4 earth-moving truck
  • Scania R480 8x4 hooklift truck + 29tn piece goods crane  reach approx. 15m load equipment
  • Water tug  depth approx 1 m, weight 5 t
  • Water tug depth approx 1.6 m, weight 11 t
  • Push boat  depth approx. 0.9 m, weight approx. 5 t
  • And:
  • Dredger 8x12 m, four support legs
  • Dredger 8x10 m, two support legs
  • Various barges
  • Changeover platforms
  • Various hydraulic and combustion-engine water pumps

Assorted small earthworks and water works equipment available. We also do installation and mininging work, including underwater excavations. Other machine-specific items can be found in our collection, including bucket rotators, impact hammer, sieving buckets, flap buckets, ice picks, carrying rakes, extension booms, and sundry buckets. We would love to give you more information about our activities and equipment.