over 20 years' experience renovating water systems & Earthworks

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”We begin where other people give up”

Rantalatimber Oy provides a diverse range of services in water- and earthworks including dredging, excavations, renovation of water systems and earthworks in Hollola, Kuopio, Juväskylä, Ylöjärvi, and the entirety of Finland. We have over two decades of experience in the field serving private and business clients as well as authorities and communities. Our speciality is the usage of specialist excavators on land as well as dredging. We construct both small jetties and docks as well as bridge embankments and bridge drums. We have ample experience in industrial projects such as process basin construction, refurbishment, and maintenance. Read more about our services on our website and get in touch with us by phone, e-mail, or contact form to find out more and request a quote.

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Dredging and renovation of water systems

We carry out all kinds of dredging and shore renovation projects. The goal of our work is to reduce nutrient loads and build wetlands, basins, and small jetties. Our dredging is carried out by long-reach excavators and our small fleeting of floating equipment.

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Shore embankments and beach areas

We refurbish shore embankments and various beach areas. Taking care of land near a water system is demanding  and we are ready for the challenge!

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mass replacement and pollution removal

We carry out mass replacements, frost repairs, and groundworks both near water systems and inland. We are also experienced in pollution removal.


groundwater protection

We carry out groundwater protection projects for both industrial and public sector requirements using our range of earthworks fabric, filter fabrics, and plastics. We do both contract and hourly work.

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Barge transportation

We transport dredging masses, sand, building supplies etc between islands and the mainland. Our floating equipment lets us dredge especially difficult locations..

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Gardens and landscaping

We take on contract work for green construction and landscaping. We co-operate with operators both large and small, and we even do gravel pit landscaping!


ground substance disposal with dump trucks and lorries

Our fleet enables even the largest ground substance disposals and movements.


Shore Construction

Shore construction entails shoring up of beach embankments, erosion prevention, and dredging etc. We service:

  • Process basins
  • Fish ponds, fish ladders
  • Fish chutes
  • Rapids structures
  • Dam structures
  • Rapids renovations